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First Friday Art Night!
  This Month at The Firehouse Gallery


June, 2011
(June 2 - 24)

Dorothy McGuinness
Traditional Techniques, Contemporary Forms

McGuinness uses hand-painted watercolor paper and traditional American, Native American and Japanese basket weaving techniques to create colorful patterns and sculptural forms.

In the Community Exhibits Room: Second Thursday Ceramic Artist's "Variations on a Theme". Ceramic work by Wayne Brickey, Marilyn Moore, Sally Pursell, Roxanne Hunnicutt, Christine Wood, Cris Usher, Kazuko Young, Janet Lacy, Ruth Wendover and Gwen Childs.

Across the hall in the Small Business Development Center (First Friday Only): Join the SBDC as we showcase clients’ products, and see “entrepreneur art” to discover how these clients’ creativity, imagination, and resourcefulness can turn a business idea into a functional artistic design. The SBDC is hosting the monthly local entrepreneur showcase across from the FireHouse Art Gallery. Join us for an artistic showcase, and help us support local entrepreneurship.

The Firehouse Gallery
214 SW Fourth Street


 Click on thumbnails to open a Gallery Window with larger pictures!


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posted 1:57 pm UTC June 4, 2011 by
John Granacki
Rogue Planet member since February 24, 2010
Thinking Outside the Basket
Dorothy's basketry is totally awesome! Who'd have ever thought of using strips of watercolor paper as reeds? But of course that isn't all, so if you haven't yet been to The Firehouse this month, do so ASAP!

The local potters (in the Community Exhibits Room) are also a bit more marvelous than usual (which is saying a great deal.) Of course ceramists already have a good reputation for nearly all of their art being functional, in one way or another, but their drum circle/collection was a real kick in the pants! (Now let's see if they can sculpt a fully-functional Grand Piano...)




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* In Grants Pass, most "First Friday" art exhibits continue to be
  displayed all month long, so come back often and enjoy!

* More art next month too!

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