The Rogue Planet network, a tightly woven portfolio of specialized Internet domains serving community-content and networking tools to the people of Southern Oregon, is largely a publishing venture, and however new-fangled our technologies have become, we continue to rely upon this industry's [presumedly] tried and true business model for generating revenue: advertising. At present we have a few banner ads of our own — different websites in the network exchanging links, including some rather flashy dynamic leaderboards for local businesses which have availed themselves of our $150 Internet Express Service. Otherwise and until further notice, "Google Ads" are this operation's bread and butter, so please take our advertisers seriously — or better yet,  join them!

If you are the local proprietor of a business / purveyor of goods / provider of service(s), or just someone with a local-interest website and you're looking for some genuine Southern Oregon traffic, then it's time you got with the program.

If you would like to post effective online advertising on any or all of our sites, Google has made it easy for you to advertise not only with us, but with anyone like us! The ADWORDS program lets you target your ads to appear on webpages filtered for content and keywords which you select. You get to bid on your keywords, competing against other advertisers not only by sheer fiscal strength, but by guile and cunning in the subtle selection of your keywords. Furthermore, if you're mostly interested in advertising on Rogue Planet sites (or any other specific website) you may selectively bid higher for the domains of your choosing.

Perhaps the best part of it is that you don't have to pay* unless people actually click on your ads, redirecting their browsers from our site to yours. If your business doesn't already have a webpage, give us a call about the Express service! Don't put this off any longer; you should have done this a long time ago and you're lucky to still be alive!

* Of course FREE advertising is always the best deal, and effective in that local people will respect you more just by seeing that your ads are at least potentially helping to support this local online community!

If you haven't signed up with Google for Adwords yet, heres a link to get you started:
Advertising with GOOGLE
(for advertisers) & AdSense (for publishers)

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