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If the World Wide Web has been making your head spin then perhaps you simply need to downsize.

Re-define your sublunary  sphere  of  activity!  Think globally but surf locally, because there truly is a lot of wisdom in the old adage: "there's no page like home."

This is especially true here in beautiful Southern Oregon, and ever so much more so when your home pages are built on the rock solid foundation of the Rogue Planet Network!  From our humble beginnings on the now-defunct Geocities in 1996, we weren't quite the Rogue Valley's first community oriented online environment, but we've grown a lot since then, and anyone who has clicked their way around the block a time or two can attest we've been steadily among the best and brightest of Southern Oregon's Internet Destinations — admittedly an uncontentious field where the second-string has been rather come-and-go — but we've kept growing, through good times and less-so, adding more content, polishing our presentation, crawling our way determinedly to the top of the major search engines, and holding every inch of hard won Google-ground.

Besides having added some true local presence to local search results, along the way we've attracted a respectable stream of local traffic, including substantial return traffic, so we know what we're doing is being appreciated by others — and we feel pretty good about it ourselves. Now that we're going fully interactive, however, we're becoming ever bigger and better at an alarmingly exponential rate! Perhaps we're giving away too much stuff for free...? I don't know, but you'd better hop on board quick, before we come to our senses!

Okay, so much of the following is still in the works, but as a virtual-cardholding member of The Rogue Planet Network soon you'll not only be able to post your personal profile & resumé, but also upload photographs, then arrange them in galleries, albums & slideshows. You'll get to build and maintain a full-featured blog along with templated and (if you're crafty) fully custom web pages about whatever suits your fancy (although we might occasionally offer suggestions, special templates for such, and maybe other incentives...) You may then link all your content together into a personal web suite (much like a web site, but with 'u' in the middle!) including a homepage and index.

Share your art, poetry, and recipes; show us your favorite swimming holes and hiking trails; write reviews of books, movies, local restaurants and businesses! You'll also be allowed to post publicly viewable comments to our featured content, as well as to content posted by other Rogue Planet members like yourself. And of course you can reply to comments, to replies to comments, to replies to replies, and so on ad infinitum.

Feeling bored, and maybe a bit lonely? Besides the usual chat-room and discussion-forum fare, our proprietary "Interplanetary" cross-domain social-networking platform allows you to connect with other like-minded individuals right here in the Rogue Valley, making new friends and re-connecting with old as you click your way through our various virtual sub-communities!

So come on in! Register and  get  started;  the  benefits are positively priceless, but because the directors of our board are all out to lunch, and until such time (if ever) that they should happen to regain their senses, membership and all its many associated benefits are ABSOLUTELY FREE!

~ John Granacki
Rogue Planet Webmaster
Grants Pass, Oregon

With a Rogue Planet Passport there's not too much to remember — a single username and just one password will log you in throughout a multitude of great local websites — allowing you to enjoy a broad range of interactive features not made available to anonymous users.

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