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A virtual toolbox filled with tips and tricks to not only make The Rogue Planet a finer and more wonderful Internet destination, but to make everything you do here easier than you could reasonably imagine possible! For intance:

Assigning a Helper
It's a fact: some people are simply better at certain things, and this seems to be especially true in the Internet arena. With this in mind, the Rogue Planet has a built-in 'helper' feature which allows you to designate ONE other Rogue Planet member to edit and administer your online content, without having to share your password and account access. Helpers log in with their own passwords, allowing you a greater degree of security than simply handing a subordinate your 'key.' This way you may independently review your helper's progress (editing as and if necessary...) or even collaborate together on projects, while your overtly personal information and activities are restricted to yourself alone – for instance, your helper cannot edit your personal profile, send messages or chat in your name, nor assign access to a second-level helper.

Staking a 'Claim'
In some cases you may receive a special offer — especially if you're a regionally noteworthy "cultural creative" type (i.e., an actor, artist, or perhaps the owner of a really sweet classic car?) or a local business owner who participates in events we like to cover (i.e. First Friday Art Walk, the Grower's or Artisan's Markets, or the Amazing May Antiques Street Fair. In such cases you may receive a redemption code, and it is here in your Site Tools tab that you will redeem that code, linking your special privileges and/or pages to your Rogue Planet Passport. If these include edit, upload or administration privileges, Site Tools also includes a directory of links to your forms and control panels.

As a matter of faq, there are interesting FAQs, articles, forums and other site tools scattered throughout the myriad domains of The Rogue Planet Network, in concert and collaboration with individual site content, but just to make your life easier we'll also be building and maintaining a directory of these here as well.



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