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Tell it like it is—or better yet Show Us!
~ Publishing is a lot easier than it used to be ~

In addition to your profile pages and photographs, as a registered Rogue Planeteer you'll also have various options available for creating your very own publishing empire! Post your own webpages (upload what you've got, or use our tools and templates to build 'em online), and then arrange them in a multi-page Web Suite*, which can also include albums & slideshows from photos you upload, and even videos which you can embed after uploading to YouTUBE™. Naturally, you'll also have your own blog, and it will not only include private categories, the content of which you can selectively share among the tiers of your online Circle network, but also various topics of common interest which may be viewed publicly in various categorical Community Blogs throughout the Rogue Planet Network.

Alas, none of this is quite yet available...but go ahead and sign up anyhow (if you haven't already) and get started with your profile as well as your 'circle' settings. Then surf about the Planet and its companion sites and post some comments where that feature has been enabled, and be sure to patronize our sponsors, our advertisers, and of course any local business when sufficient to your needs! (It's a community thing...)

And keep checking back; much, much more is coming — and very, very soon!

* Web Suite n. def. A web site with "u" in the middle!


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