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Create your own personal and/or professional profile, either by filling out our standard forms & questionnaires, or by getting creative and defining categories and queries to suit your needs and interests. Use one of our pre-stylized templates, or take a raw template and style it your way! Keep your presentation short and simple, or post a full blown autobiography — neatly present a very formal and by-the-book resumé, or get a little bit crazy and strut your stuff Dewars™ style!

Don't forget to upload a profile photo, perhaps even several of them to display in a slideshow!

And be sure to check out Rogue Planet's state-of-the-art community and social networking features which allow you to selectively filter who gets to see which parts of your profile. Choose from among several predefined categories — friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues (including comrades, cohorts, co-workers, and/or classmates, as your situation warrants) — and from whatever custom categorizations by which you choose to define your special relationships.

Of course you may also elect to make some or all components of your profile open to the public, which seems the friendliest thing to do. In fact, until and unless you change your settings, your profile will be publicly viewable, with the exceptions of your contact information (your address, email, phone#, &c. will always be kept in confidence, even from your friends and family, unless you specifically request otherwise.)

Except for cases in which anonymity is offered and opted for, whenever you post anything on any page within any Rogue Planet affiliated domain — whether a comment or post, a photo or slideshow, a page of your own or a custom sidebar to a public page — your contributed content will be appended with a credit, including a link to your public profile.


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