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Friends & Rogues: Industrial Strength Social Networking

Rogue Planet presents the state-of-the-art* in online social networking. We understand that relationships are a lot more complicated than simply knowing who your friends are, so we let you divide and categorize your contacts into "Social Circles"* to selectively connect with (and filter results from) family members, neighbors, classmates/colleagues/coworkers, etc., distinguishing them not just one from another but from those whom you really regard as friends! Best of all, when people who approach your circle are allowed "in," they need never know how they've been classified, nor what filters are being applied to their content — but if you miss an invitation to really cool party because you thought the host was a geek, don't blame us!

Furthermore, you may also define your very own custom classifications. What have you got? Fishing buddies? Dance partners? Lodge brothers? Heck, you might even want to keep tabs on any adversaries, opponents, or outright enemies. Plus, in some situations you'll probably want to communicate more broadly, addressing the larger audience of the friends of your friends (or whatever...) Yes indeed, we've provided some tools for that as well —assuming the friends of your friends are receptive, because they've been given tools also...

Have fun with it, and have fun together! (It's a community thing...)


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