It's First Friday Art Night in
Grants Pass, Oregon!

First Friday Art Walk 
April 4, 2008
6-9 pm in Downtown G.P.

The New & Improved Rogue Planet is still under construction

More on April's First Friday at The Daily Courier
and at Artworks

James Peace

Dan Way Harper

Marcee Siemens

at Harper

Samuel Santi (left)                
                    Christina Cutty (right)



Click here to revisit the Ghosts of First Friday Art Nights Past!
First Friday at The Harper-Howell Gallery, November 2007.

Map of Downtown Grants Pass, Oregon
featuring Art Galleries & Studios
& other places of especial interest to the regional arts community
(a veritable Rogue's Gallery, featuring all the usual suspects!) 

 Saturday Artisans' & Crafters' Market

Soon going into its third year (March? April?) the Saturday Artisans' and Crafters' Market is proving a phenomenal success, not only in terms of connecting local artists and craftspersons with a marketplace for their works and wares, but also in attracting the more creative members of our community and connecting them with one another, inspiring and challenging them to new artistic heights!  It is through this interchange of energy and ideas that an Art Community is born and... [read more >>]

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Curtis Otto

John Granacki


RoguePlanet has been providing 
Grants Pass First Friday Art Night information since 2002
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Captain Belchfire's Website, albeit intermittently, since 1997)

"Have you ever tried to make your actual LIVING from art? Tell us your amusing anecotes. The best three will win maps showing locations of Southern Oregon's finest community food banks and mental health clinics!"



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