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Amazing May, 2008

Curtis Otto
Southern Oregon Expressionist Painter 
& Regional Icon of the Arts

Looking for Otto?  You're in luck; I know how to find him! Stick close and follow me....

First you go to the Post Office and walk backwards up Sixth Street.

No, neither one of these are Otto, but what would a trip to Grants Pass be without checking out the bears?  Besides which, these guys mark the trail!

Nope, this one isn't Otto either, but we're getting closer!

If you're still walking backwards (sorry, but it was that or a blindfold), on your right you'll see the atelier and gallery of wildlife artist Jeff Gogue, who also does tattoos. Next stop, and just across the alley, 

We're here:

The Albert Building!

If the door is open, someone is probably here. If not Otto, then perhaps Vacieanna or Marcee who also have studios here; the upstairs of the Albert Building has always been sort of an Art Colony (as are several of our downtown buildings' upper levels) and many strange characters have reportedly been seen lurking about.

There's usually some art at the top of the stairs, so its hard not to know you've got the right place (once you've huffed and puffed your way to the top...)


One Peace and Four Ottos!

More art to the left, keep turning left...


Dang! Otto isn't even here.  We'll come back again sometime soon and get a real interview out of him.  Maybe we can shoot some video next time and get him on public television, or at least on YouTube...


In the meantime, what do you say we time-warp over to the Saturday Artisan market this past summer? Otto frequently set up his paintings on the sidewalk there, alongside canvases of such legends of the Grants Pass Regional Arts scene as John Granacki, Samuel Santi, Kurt Mottram and Peace. Anyhow, we've got some more photos of Curtis Otto's art—from both the artisan market and his appearances at Harper-Howell—archived here.




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