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Northwest Nature Mural

The photos below are of a recently commissioned two-level mural painted at a private residence. The stairs haven't yet been installed but I  understand it will be some sort of spiral thing and that it won't obscure too much--indeed, it will probably make it easier for folks to view and appreciate the upper watershed (which is a little blurry in these photos...)

Not unlike my locally semi-famous mural at the Blue Pine, this is a night and day affair, with the sun shining bright on the upstairs components while the ground floor is moonlit.  The lower portion of the left side, where the waterfall plunges into the pool in a shady grotto, can be interpreted either way, illuminated by Sun or Moon depending on your vantage point.  

Upstairs on the right you'll find bears wallowing in a high alpine spring in the midst of tiger lilies and rhododendrons.  High overhead an eagle soars, while another one glides over the valley below (with its shadow even farther distant below).  On the bottom floor, a racoon washes his hands in the waterfall pool.  The stream flowing toward the left reflects the visage of a large antlered buck, backlit by the full moon which rises amid a sky full of glittering stars.




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