An unusual combination: less crowded AND more shade, at the east end of the park, stage left.

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Back to the Fifties Celebration

It's official!  Back to the Fifties is underway in Grants Pass, this year as every year on the Tuesday before the last Saturday in July, beginning with an evening of oldies in Riverside Park. We're talking about classic 1950s Rock & Roll, masterfully delivered by Gayle Wilson and her backup band, Sh-Boom.  

The crowd was enormous--easily the largest for any concert held in the park this year.  There must have been a thousand of us there.

This is the fourth in a summer-long series of Concerts in the Park, performed every Tuesday night and free to the public, although it is requested that a food donation be brought for the Josephine County Food Bank.  Besides the JCFB, several other local organizations have canopied booths set up, many selling food and beverages to those who forgot to pack a picnic basket.

Gigantic inflatable amusements are also available for the children to play in, on and around.  This week it was a big bouncy castle.  A few weeks ago it was a giant alligator.  Next week is anyone's guess...




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