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First Friday Art Night!
  This Month at Heartsong


March, 2011

Two Exhibits:
Phable Omsri & Morgan Botello

This month HeartSong will be presenting two phenomenal young artists

  • Phable Omsri who's artwork integrates the Sacred Concepts of Heaven, Earth, Life, and The Hereafter in his beautiful ceremonial artwork. By studying the work, one can comprehend the Archangels. This artwork portrays Phable’s belief that “We are all one.” One people, one blood, one world which supports us all, and one collective Source which we all have in common : The Divine Father and Mother of All Creation.
  • Along with Phable's art, we will have Morgan Botello's surrealistic and dreamy paintings of lips. This series entitled "Read My Lips" encourages the veiwer to think about the many ways to say things and the different stories that are told by our lips. See if you can imagine the story behind each painting! Both these young artists appreciate your support and enjoyment of their amazing work!

224 SW 6th St


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* In Grants Pass, most "First Friday" art exhibits continue to be
  displayed all month long, so come back often and enjoy!

* More art next month too!

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